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HIRING PROCESS: We are looking for experienced loan officers and support team members throughout the country. Our hiring process is thorough but easy. Fill out the form below and we can begin the process. 

OUR BENEFITS: We value and support our team members and work to attract, engage and retain solid team players. We are all part of the East Coast Capital Corp. Team, a treasured asset, each of us, for our teamwork to be strong in serving and helping our customers. Each team member brings to play their strongest skills and talents. 

AVAILABLE POSITIONS: We offer positions for loan officers and for support team members to our Loan officers. Many FMC Team Members grow within the company, developing and learning new skills. 

MILITARY VETERANS: We are committed to hiring and retaining qualified military veterans to our Fidelity Mortgage Capital. Currently, we have many Veterans as team members. We believe veterans lead and serve our country and make excellent FMC Team members.